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Window Cleaning

Are you worried about keeping your building windows clean at all times? Say no more, we ensure that people enjoy those million-dollar views daily with their clean windows every day.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

There are many ways to achieve the results in clean and spotless windows, we have trades that specialise in purified water technology leaving windows streak free.

Our poles can reach up to 6 stories high, so we can clean from ground level without the extra costs of having to hire in machinery or paying extra for the use of abseil window cleaners. Purified water is a greener, safer and more affordable way to clean multilevel storey buildings.

Our vans have water tanks filled with demineralised water that is fed through a pump to send it up to 6 stories high from the ground. Reducing the risk of using ladders and machinery bumping into the building or making marks on the window sill and walls made by ladders.

The brush head will clean off scum and not scratch the frames so the glass and frames can be cleaned at the same time, all whilst using no chemicals making it environmentally friendly. Window Cleaning of your industrial and commercial property can require working at heights or require roof access, and elevated work platforms. Codee and the team would love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to contact us so we can talk about providing you our services.

Codee Cleaning have successfully cleaned windows on a periodical basis for all of our clients scaling from: