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How to Clean a House after a Major Renovation?

How to Clean a House after a Major Renovation?

If you had a home remodelling or renovation, your home is likely in a huge mess now. There will be debris everywhere, the windows will be dirty, and the surfaces dusty. Post-renovation cleaning is very much needed at this point. Some homeowners like to do this on their own. Others prefer to use the cleaning services of a professional company. A skilled team will inspect the property and remove debris according to standards.

In this guide, we advise you about the things that you should do before and after the renovation. There are a few things that you can do to minimise the cleaning time. Finally, we share some useful cleaning tips with you. 

Tips on how to limit the number of things to clean up during the renovations

While working on the renovation, your contractors will do everything to protect the property. However, workers will focus their effort on preventing the damage not necessarily on keeping the place clean. You can rest assured that your floor or walls will remain intact and won’t have any scratches. However, the contracts won’t prevent dust and dirt. You will need to perform a post-renovation cleaning to make sure that your home is perfectly clean.

However, you can do your best to protect your home and make sure that there is less for cleaning. The preventive measures won’t cost you much to implement. Follow this checklist:

1. Protect the rest of the home

Separate the renovation zone from the rest of your home. Add a large piece of tarp from the ceiling to the ground to prevent the particles from spreading all over the house. Make sure to pick at least 8-mm thick tarp and secure it with tape. Add a zipper to make room for coming in and out.

2. Floor and windows

Protect everything that remains in the renovation zone:

  • Protect the floors with construction paper. The paper might tear, so you should add a double layer for some extra protection.
  • Cover the windows entirely with a tarp.

3. Cover textiles and fabrics

If possible, remove the textile surfaces and upholstered furniture from your home. If not, cover everything to protect it. Make sure to protect the beds, sofas, and chairs. Many homeowners forget about their closets during the renovation, so in the end, they have to wash the clothes.

Don’t be one of them. Cover the gaps in the doors with tape to prevent dust from entering. This way, your clothes will stay protected.

Clean the dust

Clean with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and sand particles at the end of each working day. Make sure to use a vacuum with HEPA filter, as it will trap even the tiniest particles. Or, rent an air scrubber for the process. Make sure to keep the windows open as much as you can for proper ventilation.

Post-renovation cleaning tips

Will your contractor do the post-renovation cleaning? It all depends on your particular contractor, but most of the renovation contracts exclude the cleaning. In fact, they will do a basic cleaning such as removing large pieces of debris and sweeping. However, you will still need additional cleaning services to make the space presentable and suitable for living.

1. Hire post-renovation cleaning service

When the cleaning isn’t included in your contract, you can outsource the service. Deep cleaning is required after the construction process is completed. The homeowners prefer to hire professional services, rather than having to deal with this by themselves.

The construction process leaves behind debris that is dangerous for your health. It is better to leave the dust, sanding particles, mould, and toxic fumes in the hands of professionals.

2. Get the right tools

Post-renovation cleaning isn’t like your usual cleaning. That’s why you will need special tools such as vacuum and window cleaners. It is very likely that the tools you already own won’t do the job correctly. If you don’t use the right tools, you risk damaging your property.

Keep in mind that you can’t clean the textile, wooden floors, and tiles with the same tool. You will need brooms, a vacuum cleaner, mops, mop buckets, brushes, cleaning products suitable for different surfaces.

While cleaning, don’t forget the proper attire to protect you from inhaling dust or touching chemicals. Wear dust masks and use rubber gloves.

3. Windows

It is time to clean the dust away, so use glass cleaning products to clean, preferably eco-friendly cleaning products. You might need to repeat a few times, depending on the amount of dust.

Pay special attention to the carpets

The carpets are very delicate when it comes to cleaning. They can gather splinters, so you risk of injuring yourself if you don’t clean them properly. Cleaning with a professional vacuum and washing with detergent is the right approach.


Check your furniture for any traces of dust. Use a soft cloth to remove it. Make sure that you check the inside of the drawers and cabinets. The dust can settle in the smallest gaps, and you don’t want to be surprised when you open them.

Don’t forget about the lighting as well. Gathered dust will reduce the lighting and can possibly produce a bad smell, so give it an excellent cleaning. Lastly, clean the surfaces well before you add the decorative accessories. Now your interior is clean and ready to impress everyone.


It’s very likely that the debris and dust made its way to the outdoor space. Sweep the debris and use a powerwash tool to clean the driveway and other surfaces.

If you’d rather enjoy your newly renovated area right away, leave the post-renovation clean to professional cleaners like us. In a matter of a day, we can get your place back to a pristine state.

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