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Why Some Cleaning Companies Are Significantly Cheaper

Why Some Cleaning Companies Are Significantly Cheaper

Are you currently comparing quotes between cleaning companies and wondering why one is cheaper than the other? Here’s why you should take a step back before signing.

More and more businesses are now investing in the overall cleanliness of the premise. A workplace that is consistently kept clean is an expression of your businesses values. It shows that you value your organisation, the health and safety of employees, and the experience of visitors and employees.

The overall facade of your business is what will define its success. A well kept premise means you take pride in your facility and can prove to be an excellent marketing tool when current or potential customers come to your facility. 

So, the search begins….

These days, you can hop online and with a quick Google search, source 5 different cleaning companies in a matter of seconds.

From there, it’s simply a process of elimination right? Gather 5 quotes, compare prices and determine which cleaning company can meet your specifications and stay within your budget.

What happens when 1 company can provide the exact same service but for 25% cheaper? Your first thought is, well if I can save 25% that’s a no brainer. But are you really comparing apple to apple? What’s the catch?

Before you make your decision, here’s what you need to consider.


Do you have enough information to compare quote to quote?

We understand that it’s easy to get swept up with affordable cleaning rates when you’re dealing with strict deadlines and tight budgets. But has the quote you’ve been given cover all the things you need and does it meet site specific requirements?

To ensure we uphold the cleaning standards of Australia, Codee Cleaning provides its clients with:

  • A full walkthrough of premise to discuss necessary cleaning tasks
  • Customisable task lists (suited to specific site requirements)
  • Full list of tasks (both routine and special cleaning) to be completed by cleaners on duty
  • A list of well defined cleaning standards [LINK TO STANDARDS]
  • Your choice of cleaning product
  • Guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with the job, we’ll come back, on us
  • Risk management system for consistency
  • OHS management for a complete Safe Systems of Work
  • Quality control with KPI’s and defined measures to ensure standards are met

This allows us to consistently deliver objectives and exceed expectations of our customers. We communicate frequently with stakeholders for any necessary updates, informing on schedule conformity or any unforeseen events. This allows us to provide full accountability for our performance and manage operations to a standard that our clients have come to expect with Codee.

If it’s too good to be true, something doesn’t add up…

In our lengthy experience of servicing a multitude of businesses from a wide range of industries including government, strata, education and healthcare, if a single quote is 25% below the average price — something doesn’t add up. This places the cleaning company into a position where they may not be paying staff in accordance with the award rate. It’s important to ask the right questions (which we will explain later on) to avoid any future complications.

We have an open book policy at Codee Cleaning, this means any client wanting to see how we come up with our pricing for a contract is more than welcome to do so. As part of our service, we provide a statutory declaration that is signed and submitted every month as proof that we are indeed, paying the correct award rates to our employees.

Tip: compare the way employees are treated, taken care of and how they are paid.

How does it impact your business? Why should you care about our employees benefits and awards?

In 2019, Fair Work visited ANZ Stadium, AAMI Park and GIO Stadium over concerns about sham contracting where employers misclassify works as independent contractors to avoid paying entitlements like overtime and annual leave. Find more info here.

To ensure we comply with Fair Work Australia and government regulations, we spend substantial time and money to employ a HR firm that keeps our company protected and up to date with all award rates and benefits that our staff are entitled to. But why does this matter to you?

  • The Australian government has been cracking down on businesses who do not comply with the award and handing out hefty fines. This has the potential to affect your business directly, even if you are not the one responsible for paying their staff, as the government is also looking at the companies awarding the contracts.



Why WA business and organisations choose Codee Cleaning

Management systems and processes play a key role in how Codee Cleaning services it’s clients. All our cleaners have undertaken stringent testing and training before they are officially employed by Codee Cleaning.

As part of our service, supervisors are deployed on site and are responsible for checking the performance of our cleaners and making sure all routine and special tasks are completed to a high standard. This is further cemented in place with frequent communication and updates with stakeholders. Support systems have been put in place to make sure we comply with Australian Standards and Regulations and Fair Work Australia. You can find all of this in more detail in our Capability Statement.

Here are businesses who rely on Codee Cleaning as Perth’s #1 cleaning service provider:

– The Slatter Group
– The State Library of WA
– Royal Flying Doctor Service


A message from Codee Cleaning

I hope this clarifies some topics that you may or may not have been aware of already and know that our company goes into great depth to make sure that our staff are treated the correct way.

Yes, we may cost a little more but rest assured we have the management systems, quality control and support teams in place to ensure that you receive only the highest of standards. With an open book policy, we are completely transparent in everything we do.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, I am more than happy to discuss these points further with you in more detail.

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